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Helbichová, Stejskalová & Blechová
Heršpická 5
639 00 Brno

Tel.: +420 513 034 885
Mob.: +420 608 834 689
e-mail: office@akhsb.com

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Law Firm Helbichova & Spitzova was established in 1995 by associating attorneys-at-law JUDr. Irena Spitzová and JUDr. Eliška Helbichová who had carried out their legal practice independently since 1989 and 1990. In 1997, our Office was chosen to represent the State Administration Central Body dealing with issues concerning Land Law for the region Brno City and Greater Bmo. In 2010 our law firm became a limited company and it has carried on performing its successful activities under the new name HELBICHOVÁ, SPITZOVÁ, STEJSKALOVÁ & PARTNERS.
During the time of successful providing of legal services our law firm has gradually changed the focus of its activities. Previously we focused on the matters of restitution claims, land law, civil law and employment law, at present we specialize in the civil law and commercial law, as well as in other legal branches concerning everyday life in the Czech Republic.
The language skills of our employees enable that our law firm can provide the entire law consultancy in German, as well as in English and therefore also legal entities from Great Britain, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, or Switzerland are among our important clients. We have been particularly co-operating also with the German Offices of Dr. Ferschen & Partner, located in Mulheim-an der-Ruhr, Chemnitz and Pirna. The high-quality specialization of the law firm HELBICHOVÁ, SPITZOVÁ, STEJSKALOVÁ & PARTNERS has gained confidence of both important companies and corporations, that are engaged e.g. in the inland and international trade or transportation, building industry, publishing, industrial production or agriculture, and the sole traders and natural persons -citizens.
We would like to present at least several important branches of activities of our law firm:
  • Commercial Law and Company Law (including International Law), securities, bills of exchange
  • Civil and Family Law ( including international law and civil procedure law)
  • Property Law (including issues concerning rental relationships, administration of real estates etc. )
  • Administrative Law ( including law of procedure )
  • Employment Law
  • Agricultural Law
  • Insolvency Law